With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being more widespread than ever, getting a lot of attention and becoming viral is more accessible. This ease in finding popularity online has led to many people producing artificial events or stories in an attempt to garner more acclaim. Looking back at the usage of social media this previous election year substantiates this claim.

One more recent example of using social media to stir drama or attention is the feud between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Stemming from Soulja Boy liking a flattering image of Chris Brown’s ex, Karrueche Tran on Instagram, the beef saw both washed up hip-hop artists attack and threaten each other on social media. Naturally, all of the threats accumulated into both artists agreeing to fight each three rounds in the ring. The fight has raised a lot of attention everywhere, and as such raises the question, will it happen or is it just a publicity stunt? This article will attempt to answer that question while detailing the current status of the fight.

The Fight:

Initially, the fight was said to be organized by Floyd Mayweather and his company Mayweather Promotions. Mayweather was going to train Soulja for the fight and arrange a venue along with taking control of big decisions like ticket sales. However, recently there have been many hints that Soulja Boy has ditched Mayweather’s help and taken the alleged fight and its promotion in his own hands.

In a series of tweets that are now deleted, Soulja Boy announced that the fight was going down in March and accused Mayweather and Chris Brown of taking too long to set up the event. Soulja went so far as to say that he would rent the venue, sell the tickets and run it from his company Soulja Boy Productions. Soulja also stated that he would make all of the final announcements in a Jimmy Fallon appearance that has yet to be scheduled. Although Soulja Boy’s deleted tweets make his statements suspect, there have been no other recent announcements made regarding the status of the fight.

Why it Won’t Happen:

One of the primary reasons the fight is very likely to be an attention stunt is simply due to the lack of communication between both parties. Ever since the original announcement, besides Soulja Boy, Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather have been remained silent on details. With so little public conversation between each other and Soulja Boy’s recent tweets, it is very tough to determine who exactly is promoting the fight and more importantly if it will ever happen.

Another sign showing the fight is more hype than substance is the fact that both fighters aren’t anywhere near the same weight. Typically, boxers are required to be in a similar weight class solely to make fights competitive and realistic for both fighters. However, when comparing Chris Brown’s 6’1”, 180 pound frame compared to Soulja Boy’s 5’9’, 140 pound body, imagining them fight becomes much more challenging. This significant disparity in weight makes any possible fight less in favor of Soulja Boy and hence less likely to occur. Overall, when looking at the logistics and possibility of Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fighting, there are so many signs that point towards it being a publicity stunt than an actual event.

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