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I have to admit when I first heard this story I was so disappointed.  Heather Sanders takes her 3-month old baby to Tyga concert. What is going on?  I must admit I was surprised that the venue even let her bring the baby in but hey she is the child’s mother.  So when you look at the video the baby has ear plugs in but you just can’t help but cringe when you see the baby there. 

I can’t help but wonder if the parents were trying to pull a publicity stunt to have everyone talking about them, using this to make them famous.  you know the situation is just sad any way you think about it.  Let’s just say the child’s parents did want to use this situation to get more famous then you are placing a very young developing baby in a harmful situation.  Anything could happen in that type of environment.  So let’s just say they don’t want any attention and just consider themselves good parents… that is just as scary for you don’t see the harm in taking your 3-month old to a concert? You have a lot of more learning to do.

Check out this video showing this young baby at a concert.