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peter gunz

So I know ya’ll have been following the Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and his baby mamma Tara Wallace and their drama from Love and Hip Hop on VH1. Well if you don’t know Peter is married to Amina who he married when he was still with Tara. He married Amina while he was still with Tara, which it seems like he never really left her alone.

So now on this season of Love and Hip Hop, Amina became pregnant which she decided to have an abortion, then they found out that Tara is pregnant!!  This is come crazy real life soap opera drama. All the kids, all the sex, all the lies, it is sad to see all of this play out on TV yet I am glad to see this because this is real life.

You would think that in these times with STD’s and AIDS that people would not be so careless with their lives but they are not.  Recently we seen what can happen with living the carefree party life for Charlie Sheen just revealed he is living with HIV. I’ve always known for Charlie to be the party guy…. guess the life has caught up with him.

February is the month of love! Remember to love yourself first!!