Does anyone know what is going on with the Bill Cosby case? For months Bill Cosby was making the headlines for some new rape case that was coming out from his past.  Cosby has always admitted to his innocence.  Recently since he has been going to court for his charges I haven’t hear too much of what has been happening.  I know that many of the cases have been thrown out and been questioned it they were even legally able to charge him.

I just don’t get it, how can a man loose so much from the world only hearing one side of the story? I know when I am being lied on I want people to hear my side of the story.  And don’t get me wrong Cosby has not been so forthcoming with an explanation but would you? I wouldn’t tell the media nothing I would have my day in court where what I say will be legally binding and understood by knowledgeable people. And the other side would have to give facts along with the truth. (People can say anything in front of a camera)

All I am saying is this… first I feel sorry for any person who has been raped and their rapist should pay for his crime. Second, I don’t believe that anyone should be charged or punished for a crime that they have not committed.  I must admit it’s hard for me to believe that a black man has been raping women since the 60’s and has never been charged, lynched, beat up… nothing! (I’m just saying) It has been so easy for one side of the story to be told to the public and Bill Cosby’s life has been ruined yet the man that started all of this has gotten more fame than he has ever had?

Don’t some of the “facts” of this case just not make sense? Why are we not investigating what’s going on with Bill why can’t we investigate the whole big picture; you know both sides of the story, the rape accusations and the Cosby conspiracy theory?