As the holidays pass and the new year comes we have to remember that our country will be preparing for the 2016 Presidential election.  There are many contenders for the upcoming election.  To be honest it seems that we have been paying more attention to the dramatics rather than focus on the important issues.  Usually by this time for an election I know where several of the candidates stand on important issues but this election… I don’t know what’s going on.  I am disappointed in the news coverage regarding the candidates for the only person that I see is Donald Trump!  I wish they would not spend so much time on him and start informing us on the real candidates.

In January the caucuses will come to Iowa… many people don’t realize why this is so important.  It is important because it is like Iowa is getting first pick on who we want to be the next president. We help set the tone for the rest of the country and once the person with the most votes from the first several states usually become the party’s nominee.

We must attend the caucuses the time is approaching soon, not only do we need to be informed we need to show up for the Iowa caucuses.  We have to stay involved if we’re going to make a change!!