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no hate


Early this morning, Cleanthony Early was robbed and shot by a group of 6 men.  Early and his girlfriend left a strip club in Queens, NY soon after Early and his girlfriend got into the Uber car they were boxed in and held at gunpoint.  Early and the driver were robbed and after Early gave the robbers what they wanted he was shot in his right knee. The same knee that he had arthroscopic surgery last year.  Now what will happen to his basketball career?

What I don’t understand is why do people got to hate?? Just like earlier this month when rapper Shy Glizzy was in Memphis he got his chain snatched at the club he was performing, this is just uncalled for.  Why can’t we just work hard and get things on our own? Why do you have to hate someone else for doing good in their life?  I hate it when I hear news about someone hating on another person just because they are doing better than them… you ain’t got to like everyone but use what they do as encouragement don’t just take and destroy because your lazy or jealous.

My heart goes out to the Early family and to all of the other victims involved in the incident.  It was unnecessary, and be sure to listen to Shy Glizzy dis track on sound cloud as he address his chain snatching incident.

We gotta do better…. stop hating and go out and get it yourself!