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On October 13 ex-basketball player Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a Love Ranch in Nevada.  He was unconscious for several days and opened his eyes on Friday.  When Lamar was rushed to the hospital many people ran to his bedside.  In the media he was known as a lone man that had many issues that brought an end to his basketball career and marriage.  All of this was played through reality TV and news media. There was many speculation that the people who were closest by this bedside were the same people that left his side when he needed them the most.

Reading the articles of Lamar Odom made me think who are your friends?  People like to be by your side when they think you are dying but when you need them during your time of need…who is there? It seems like when you are having tough times people like to kick you while you are down. They want to talk about you rather than try to help inspire you to keep the faith.  I guess at these times you really see who are your friends.