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On Thursday October 1 a shooter went on a deadly rampage at Umpaqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon.  Nine people were killed and nine people were injured.  It is said that the shooter was asking victims their religion status and if they stated they were Christians he shot them.  This is the deadliest mas shooting in Oregon’s history.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin the sheriff handling this case refuses to say the name of the shooter.  He feels that by saying his name will give him credit for the massacre which he does not deserve.  The sheriff also asked that the media does not say the name of the shooter as well.

This request has not been honored by reporters which sparked a debate between two TV reporters Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly.  Don Lemon reported the shooters name on CNN which sparked a tweet from Megyn Kelly stating,

Which he replied:

What do you think? Do you believe that reporters need to report the name of the shooter?  Do you feel that is what the shooter is wanting people to do when they do these horrific crimes?


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