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I have confessed before that I can be a bit obsessed with reality TV. I have to be honest I am looking forward to the new reality show with Amber Rose and Blac Chyna. We read so much about these ladies in the gossip news why not see what they are like on TV??? I was upset when I read that the Kardashians are trying to block the show. I am really hoping that this is just some blogger trying to get some attention to have people read their untrue facts…but then you just don’t know!
According to Radar Online the Kardashian clan sent a cease and desist letter to Rose and Chyna. I mean honesty it would make sense from a point of view, to protect their family if they are mentioned but let’s be real, they were the first ladies with Kanye and Tyga (just saying). I would be interested in the Amber/ China show without the mention on Kanye and Tyga. These ladies seem interesting enough that they would not need to have these men or the Kardashian family as a topic of their show.
Like I said before I’m can’t wait to see these ladies work it in their new reality show!

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