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Raising kids (especially teenagers) is extremely tough in today’s society.  It is especially tough when you have a disrespectful kid that does not want to follow the rules. Some parents let their bad kids do whatever, they start defending their kids wrong doings. I know parents get concerned what will happen to my child if I let them go.

As a teenager they are wanting more freedom, more space.  They think they are ready to do what adults are doing but as we all know they are not.  Yet us as parents need to continue to direct and prepare them for adulthood.  So even when a kid get to a certain age they have to continue follow the rules of the house, some kids don’t like to follow the rules and  become disrespectful and don’t listen to their parents. If there are other kids in the house they are watching, if you let them get away with it, they going to trying and do it also.

Raising teenagers can be stressful and difficult.  Sometimes it can be a domino effect, difficulties with on kid can cause problems with other kids and your spouse.  I’m not saying you should kick them out, but sticking to a disciplined plan and rules will help. Staying consistent will allow all parties to know what is expected and what will happen when rules are not followed.  For example, do the bare minimum for them; make sure they have food, clothes,  bath,  sleep, etc.

Please stay sane and stress free!


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