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Shady Floors



On Sunday March 1st, 60 Minutes Anderson Cooper did an investigative report on Lumber Liquidators they discovered that the flooring contains dangerous levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a harmful chemical which has been studied that at high levels can cause cancer. When I researched Lumber Liquidators I discover that they made over 270 million in sales in their last quarter in 2014 reported on their website.
How can this be? How is it that this company can make hundreds of millions of dollars harming and robbing the American people? When I listened to the investigation I was sadden by the thought of all the babies that crawl on the floors in their homes parents not aware that it is so harmful to their child. Or the family that has a loved one going the chemotherapy treatments. Not saying they cause all of the cancer in this country but they are killing our families while becoming millionaires. They are worse than the drug dealer on the street; at least his customers know the poison they are buying.
I am curious what will happen to the owners of Lumber Liquidators, will they be able to use the money they have been defrauding from the American people to buy the best lawyers to only have to pay restitution as the banks did? Or will they have to do only 3 years or less in some country club prison and then go back to their mansions. They are the type of people the death penalty is designed for or if not that they need to go to a maximum security prison for all the lives that they have destroyed.

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