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Do Over

America has the largest prison population of any other county in the world. Many times we hear about people who have been to prison and just don’t get their lives together, but what about the people who make mistakes or just take a bad situation and use it to turn their lives around.
Once you have been in the “system” it is tough to get your life together. Most employers don’t want to have a felon working for them or if they do when problems occur the felon is usually the one they are looking at.
How does someone get a do over form being in prison. What about the woman that fought back to an abusive boyfriend or the young man that is living in a poverty environment and all he knows is selling drugs to provide for his family? What happens when they pay their debt to society yet years later once they have become rehabilitated yet society still has them branded of their past.
Do you think they should have a do over???

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