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All my life I have been taught that I have to work twice as harder to be just as good as my white counterparts. Now that I am a mother I am teaching the same qualities to my children. I had to go out into the world with this understanding yet I had to pretend that racism did not exist within my life outside of my household. As blacks we live our lives knowing there is a more challenging experience that we have in the world than others.
Not only does this difference apply within our school or jobs it also in our everyday lives. I was always taught what if I am being harassed or stopped by the policy to get a badge number and name of the officer. Don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself; make sure you always keep your receipt with your merchandise when going to the store, just to name some of the rules I was taught because my parents knew there was an injustice in the world and I am the target.
I am glad that we are taking a stand and acknowledging the injustice of our society. We are taking a stand and instead of hiding behind the racism we are calling it out. Since the civil rights era racism has changed its appearance from being the white only drinking fountain to the judicial system targeting our families with injustice penalties for crimes that are being committed at the same rate as whites yet blacks are receiving tougher sentences and being charged at a larger rate.
I value my generation for #blacklivesmatter for it does and it’s time for the rest of the country to respect our existence.

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